4-year Predoctoral position in Alicante: Sensory Transduction and Nociception Group

A four-year PhD contract (contrato FPI) is available in our esearch group at the Instituto de Neurociencias (UMH-CSIC) in Alicante to study the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of painful neuropathy after treatment with anticancer agents.

The candidate will join our research group while completing his/her studies towards obtaining a PhD degree in Neuroscience from the University Miguel Hernández: https://in.umh-csic.es/en/formation/programa-de-doctorado-en-neurociencias-2/

Project: We are trying to understand how sensory neurons detect different environmental signals and produce a coded message that eventually leads to a painful sensation. In this project we will study the mechanisms that give rise to abnormal excitability in molecularly defined subpopulations of sensory neurons in an animal model of painful chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy CIPN). The projects relies on the combined use of different techniques that include immunohistochemistry, in vivo and in vitro calcium imaging, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology, optogenetics, and behavioural assays.

Requirements: Candidates should hold a Master degree in Neuroscience, Biology, Physics, Chemistry or related fields and interest or experience in neuroscience/sensory systems. We are looking for a highly motivated and curious candidate, fluent in English and with good quantitative skills. A live or remote interview will be carried out with interested candidates.

We offer: the opportunity to join a friendly, highly collaborative group, in an excellent environment to pursue a PhD degree in neuroscience. Opportunity to participate in international collaborations. Expected starting date is 16 December 2023. The position will be open until we find a suitable individual.

Contact: interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to Félix Viana (felix.viana@umh.es) and Ana Gomis (agomis@umh.es). We will be happy to discuss with you our expectations and provide further details.

More information at attached file.

Laboratorio Sensory Transduction and Nociception Group - Dra. Ana Gomis (agomis@umh.es) & Dr. Félix Viana (felix.viana@umh.es)
Email felix.viana@umh.es
Fecha final 11/11/2023