The mission of the SOMMa alliance is to promote, strengthen, and maximize the international value of the innovative research generated by Spain’s Severo Ochoa Centers and María de Maeztu Units of Excellence, as well as the scientific, social, and economic impact it generates.

The Institute for Neurosciences, CSIC-UMH, has been a continuous member of SOMMa since 2014, the year in which the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) awarded it the initial accreditation as a «Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence». The center successfully renewed this accreditation in the 2017 and 2021 rounds, securing its membership in the alliance until 2027.

For more information, visit: The Institute of Neurosciences, Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence 2014-2027

The Severo Ochoa Centers of Excellence and the María de Maeztu Units of Excellence encompass a broad array of scientific disciplines, spanning from life sciences, biomedicine, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering, to the humanities, economics, and social sciences. Through annual calls for institutional reinforcement, the AEI bestows this recognition upon institutions exhibiting international scientific leadership, capable of significantly advancing the frontier of knowledge and producing high-quality results with substantial impact, thereby driving progress within the Spanish System of Science, Technology, and Innovation.


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