Human cognition & behaviour

Humans, like other animal species, are social organisms whose survival depends on emergent properties that manifest and interact at different levels: from the most basic molecular and cellular, to the most complex of the individual and the society. The Human Cognition program of the Institute of Neuroscience combines research in basic molecular, cellular and cognitive neuroscience, with an emphasis on how these processes support human behavior in unconstrained natural environments. Our main focus is upon cognition as it unfolds in context supporting real-world performance, learning and memory, decision-making and social behavior. The members of the program will develop a multidisciplinary platform and the theoretical and experimental tools needed to study cognition in a transversal and longitudinal manner, including healthy aging and disease. Finally, the program comes with a clear translational vocation. With other members of our community we will actively promote transfer of our results to the market and the clinical practice.


Research Groups