The Scientific HARdware and Electronics service (SHARE) provides services to adapt and create instruments and experimental devices according to the specific needs of the IN groups. It has state-of-the-art precision machinery for the prototype and manufacturing of new scientific devices and to perform local reparations of equipment, and is intimately related to the innovation unit (UCIE).
Reparations of scientific and laboratory equipment.
Provide knowledge and tools for technology innovation.
Promote a “do it yourself” culture.

Contact email:

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  • Reparation of scientific equipment.
  • Provide technical assistance in the development of new prototypes.
  • Online materials, equipment users’ guide and video tutorials are available in the following link (only for SHARE internal users):
  • The service organizes regular trainings required to access the prototypes room equipment for internal users; contact to the service to request the training and it will be arrange.

General communication, question and appointment inquiries will preferably be set by email:

The Technical Support Service for Teaching and Research (Satdi) of the UMH also offers an electronic and mechanical repair service. To know more about Satdi and make a service use request please access the following link:

Service fares include the material required for the work and a small amount for service commission (the staff will come to the institute for technical assistance).

  • Never work alone.
  • Only personnel with an active working contract can use the equipment of the Service.
  • Emergencies phone: 112
    9665 8688/96665 8685
  • Training on basic norms of security of the service.
  • Training on specific equipment.

Equipment at the Electronics and Hardware workshops cannot be booked. For security reasons, usage of the equipment in these rooms can only be done:

  • by experienced users
  • under supervision of the technical staff
  • during the time window from 8 to 15h
  • and after agreement with the technical staff of the facility

Usage of the equipment in the prototypes room is allowed for users after the specific training of the equipment:

  • No bookings are required for the laser cutter.
  • 3D printing works are allowed after specific training. If your printing time is less than 1 h, you can use the machine without booking
  • Works that require long printing time in 3D printer (> 1h), can book the equipment via intranet at: Intranet
  • We advise to perform works that require long printing times (>3h) over-night or during the weekend

SHARE Service fares have been calculated according to the different items (but only the material will be charged). The service is offered to internal users (Staff Researchers from the UMH community will be considered as internal users).

Reference item Description Observations Price internal users
SHARE/1 Provision of technical services of the Electronic or Mechanic Workshop The material and components required for the work will be invoiced according to the prices of the providers 20.7 €/h
SHARE/2 Use of the laser cutter without provision of technical assistance The material will be provided by the user 1.4 €/h
SHARE/3 Use of the 3D printer without provision of technical assistance Standard printing materials provided by the service 0.7 €/h

Santiago Ramón y Cajal building. Second floor.

Taller electrónico 223
Diseño de prototipos 224
Taller mecánico 225

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General communication, questions, appointment inquiries, and training requests will be preferably set up by email to:

Scientific Director of the Facility
Ana Gomis García »
+34 965 91 9597
Technical of the Facility:
Néstor Gómez López »
+34 965 91 9345
Technical of the Facility:
David Cerverón Morales »
+34 965 91 9345

Prototyping room 224
3D printers:

  • Ultimaker 3D printer
  • Makerbot replicator 3D printer

Closet for storage and recycling of acrylic pieces devoted for common use.
Soldering stations with fume-hood extractions. Basic hand tools for standard
mechanics and electronics.

Electronics workshop room 223

Hardware workshop room 225

CNC, Lathe, Drill, Sander, Fume hood with filters for acids, 3D printer:
Ultimaker 3 Extended (ultra-high precision, possibility to print in several
materials in one object), Saw and extraction system, Milling machine