Piezo2 mediates low-threshold mechanically-evoked pain in the cornea

Fernández-Trillo J, Florez-Paz D, Iñigo-Portugués A, González-González O, Del Campo AG, González A, Viana F, Belmonte C, Gomis A
Magazine J Neurosci
Year 2020
Vol: Pages(start-end) 40(47):8976

The cornea is highly vulnerable to injury by external mechanical forces, with serious consequences on vision and health. Fernández-Trillo et al. have shown the expression of Piezo2, the primary molecular sensor mediating touch, in nociceptive corneal neurons. Genetic elimination of Piezo2 produced a marked reduction in the mechanosensitivity of the peripheral corneal nerve terminals of these neurons, thus suggesting that Piezo2 participates in the detection of low-intensity but already harmful mechanical stimuli acting on the eye surface. These observations open the way to the topical pharmacological modulation of Piezo2 as a potential therapy to relief corneal unpleasant sensations and pain accompanying many ocular surface disorders.

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