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Functional Magnetic Resonance Service Use Tariffs

MR fares have been calculated according to the different items to be defrayed by different types of user:

  • Internal users. Service maintenance and consumables will be defrayed. Staff Researchers from CSIC and UMH will be considered as internal users.
  • Users from other Public Research Institutions (OPIs). Rates are calculated according to costs of Service maintenance, consumables and the estimated cost of equipment repairs.
  • Companies and private institutions. They will be charged according to market prices, and in any case, rates will be estimated to real costs (including expenses of staff involved in the studies).

Table 1. Price list

Type of user Items to cover €/h
(working hours)
Overnight Weekends
Maintenance and
31 100 150
OPIs Maintenance, consumables
and repairs
65 200 250
Companies and
private institutions
Maintenance, consumables,
repairs and staff
150 300 400

Animal studies will be charge with additional 10€/h in anesthesia.

For those studies that require long time acquisition and no requirement for continuous supervision (more than 10h, as with phantoms and other non-living samples), special prices will be applied, as depicted in the Price list (table 1, 'Overnight' and 'Weekends').

If image processing or analysis is required, the same rates (€/h) will be applied depending on the time consumed in the process.

The unit will also provide technical and scientific consulting, as well as software development for special applications, upon demand.

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