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IN Commitment to Equality

The IN has maintained a policy of non-discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance since its inception that has contributed to creating an inclusive environment. Currently, the IN works towards incorporating gender as a transversal aspect in the IN organization and function (e.g. hiring, promotion, dissemination). This initiative takes shape with the recent creation of an Equality Commission whose main objective is to ensure gender equality in our work environment by promoting outreach and training activities on equality, as well as the organization of activities to increase the visibility of female IN researchers. In addition, the Commission will analyze potential gender imbalances in our work environment.

Equality Commission
The Equality Commission is made up of 5 members that include three scientists from the CSIC, a full professor from the UMH and manager.

  • Dr. Sandra Jurado (CT-CSIC, coordinator)
  • Dr. Ramón Reig (CT-CSIC)
  • Dr. Emilio Geijo (UMH Professor)
  • Dra. Verónica Murcia (CSIC postdoc)
  • Ms. María Teresa García Hedo (manager)
The members of the Equality Commission combine varied profiles necessary to carry out its mission effectively. The Commission has carried out actions aimed at raising awareness about the role of women in science, with a particular focus on promoting scientific vocations in the new generations.

You can contact the coordinator for questions or initiatives related to Equality: Dra. Sandra Jurado: sjurado@umh.es
You can also contact the committee at the following email address: in.igualdad@umh.es

Equality Activities
The main objective of the Equality Commission is to ensure equality in our academic and research environment by promoting different actions:

Organization of activities to increase the visibility of female researchers (e. g. International Day of Women and Girls in Science) available to the general public on our YouTube channel.

Analysis and monitoring of potential gender imbalances in our work environment.

Collaboration with initiatives and associations that promote the role of women in science (ALBA Network and Ellas Investigan Program of the Women for Africa Foundation).

Preparation of an Equality Plan that combines the general guidelines contained in the II Equality Plan of the CSIC (2019) and the Equality Plan of the UMH, generating a document of policies and actions to ensure equality in our institution according to its characteristics as a mixed center.

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