Researcher Constantino Sotelo receives UMH Medal of Honor

24 de May de 2024

IN researcher Diego Echevarría collecting the UMH Medal of Honor on behalf of Constantino Sotelo from the Rector of the UMH, Juan José Ruiz. Source: UMH.

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) awarded researcher Constantino Sotelo the Medal of Honor. This distinction recognizes the merits of university community members who have provided significant services for the good governance of the university or who have contributed notably to its progress, projection, and the fulfillment of its objectives.

The ceremony, held in the Assembly Hall of the Rectorate and Social Council building on the Elche campus of the UMH, was attended by the rector, Juan José Ruiz, the president of the Social Council of the University, Joaquín Pérez, the vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation of the UMH, Vicente Micol, and the vice-rector for Research and Transfer, Ángel Carbonell. The UMH professor and researcher at the Institute of Neurosciences (IN), a joint center of the UMH, and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Diego Echevarría collected the medal on behalf of Constantino Sotelo.

Constantino Sotelo is a Research Professor at the CNRS in France and directs INSERM Unit 106 at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris. He has contributed enormously to our knowledge of the anatomy and function of the cerebellum and is internationally recognized for his pioneering studies on neuronal plasticity and axonal regeneration. He chaired the Remedios Caro Almela Chair from 2000 until 2012.

In parallel, the UMH has awarded 43 'International Excellence Research Recognitions 2023'. Among the winners are IN researchers Carlos Belmonte, Víctor Borrell, Salvador Martínez, Ángela Nieto, Juan Lerma and Félix Viana.

Source: UMH Communication Service / Institute for Neurosciences CSIC-UMH (