A Method for Multiple Sampling Mouse Sperm in Vivo.

Gonzalo Moreno-del Val, Patricia Muñoz-Robledano, Antonio J Caler, Javier Morante
Magazine Biol Reprod.
Year 2023
Vol: Pages(start-end) 108(2): 197-203 PMID: 36308433


Mice are the most widely used animal model to study human diseases. However, the difficulty of in vivo recovery of mouse sperm has posed a limitation with its use in reproductive biology research. Several published techniques for obtaining sperm samples in vivo have been described, but most of them have several caveats. Critical limitations include poor reliability and significant mortality (Electroejaculation and drug-induced ejaculation), or the need for a large number of animals, careful programming, and laborious work (directed mating). Here, we describe a new approach for in vivo collection of sperm in the mouse via direct puncture of the epididymis to address these limitations. In addition, the technique is easy, safe and reliable, allowing the animal to recover and maintain its fertility. In this way, punctual experiments could be carried out, or even more so, serial sampling of the same animal over time. Therefore, our approach allows for long-term and time-course experiments to study sperm characteristics under different treatments or conditions while maintaining the spermatogenic niche in vivo. In summary, we present our original approach as a powerful research tool to facilitate the study of spermatozoa relevant to various areas of biomedical research.

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