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Master in Neurosciences: From the bench to the bedside.

Official Master of the Instituto de Neurociencias.
Universidad Miguel Hernández.

» 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) in one academic year (October – July), according to the European System of Higher Education.
» This master qualify to enroll the PhD program in Neurosciences of the Instituto de Neurociencias or other PhD programs in Spanish or European Universities.
» The working language of the Master will be English.
» There are fellowships available for students through the “Severo Ochoa Program of Excellence”
» Director of the Master: Prof. Emilio Geijo Barrientos.Email»

The Master includes the following courses and academic activities:

Mandatory courses
First term (October – January)
» New Developments in the Study of the Organization of the Nervous System and Cellular Components of the Nervous System (6 ECTS; UMH code 1336).
» Genetic Analysis of the Nervous System and Advances in Embryology (6 ECTS; UMH code 1337).
» Cell communication (6 ECTS; UMH code 1339).
» Synaptic transmission and plasticity. Processing of sensory information (6 ECTS; UMH code 4157).
» Animal facilities and tools in Neuroscience (3 ECTS; UMH code 2699).

Second term (February – July)
» Functional Image analysis (3 ECTS; UMH code 2700).
» Neuropathology (3 ECTS; UMH code 2695).
» New therapies (3 ECTS; UMH code 2697).

All academic year:
» Neuroscience Today (4.5 ECTS; UMH code 1335).
» Master research project (15 ECTS; UMH code 2750).

Optional courses (each student must choose one)
» From ionic channels to information processing in the Nervous System: a functional approach (4.5 ECTS; UMH code 4158).
» Developmental neurobiology: from neurogenesis to circuit formation (4.5 ECTS; UMH code 2702).

This Master has an international agreement with the Institut Pasteur/Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) for the interchange of students.

The DPSN (Development and plasticity of the nervous system) Pasteur Course.
» English link
» French link

Program of regular scientific seminars of the Instituto de Neurociencias.

For more information and preinscription (in Spanish): master en la Web de la UMH

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