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Cryopreservation Service  

Cryopreservation offers the opportunity of archiving valuable laboratory mice strains such as inbred or genetically modified mice, slowing down the onset of genetic drift and insuring them against any natural or sanitary disaster, mismanagement, reproductive problem, or transgene silencing expression.

The use of cryopreservation in this area also represents a good opportunity to apply the 3Rs policies, since on the one hand is an indirect method of reduction by avoiding the loss of these lines and therefore avoiding a new investment of animals in its creation, but on the other hand offers the possibility of directly reducing the number of animals used in research by archiving and eliminating strains that are kept alive but nevertheless are not being used. In this sense, cryopreservation is also a mechanism that makes possible the good management of the animal facilities since the elimination of obsolete lines is cost-effective (Table 1) and not only reduces the total maintenance costs of animals, but releases space that is being wasted and could be used by other developing research lines.

In short, cryopreservation prevents us from losing our model, ensures its quality, is an opportunity to apply the 3Rs and reduce the number of animals used in research, and is also advisable from an economic and management point of view.

Table 1. Ratio of Laboratory mice strains maintenance costs depending on whether they are kept alive or cryopreserved.
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