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Cell Culture Facilities Presentation

The Cell Culture Unit is the Insituto de Neurociencias Service that provides researchers the environment for getting healthy viable cell cultures. This Service is composed by three different and spatially separated Areas in order to carry out different types of cell cultures: Cell Lines, Primary Cultures and Organotipic Cultures.

Each of these facilities are well equipped with class I and/or class II laminar flow cabinets, incubators, inverted phase contrast and fluorescence microscopes and all the material necessary to perform specialized cell culture techniques. Bio-safety level 2 areas are included to work with high risk material (human samples, virus).The Unit also have available a new generation system for real-time quantitative live-cells analysis.

Services offered:

  • Technical advice for culturing a range of different cell types.
  • Training and technical assistance in cell culture protocols and in the use of all the devices and equipment provided in the Facilities.
  • Mycoplasma analysis for all the cells to guarantee they are free of contaminants.
  • Frozen cell stocks conservation in liquid nitrogen.
  • Equipment and devices maintenance.
  • Media and pre-culture material preparation and sterilization.

Cryopreservation and water purification system of the Cell Culture units:


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