Acto de entrega XI Premio Remedios Caro Almela, 24 Nov 2023

1 de November de 2023

Remedios Caro Almela Lecture 2023

The Institute of Neurosciences CSIC-UMH, is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the XI Remedios Caro Almela Award for Research in Developmental Neurobiology 2023, which will be held on November 24th in Salón de Actos of the Institute of Neurosciences.

This year the researcher chosen by the scientific selection committee has been Prof. Frank Bradke from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. Dr. Bradke’s groundbreaking, seminal work on defining the core mechanisms of neuronal polarization, axon growth, and regeneration in the central nervous system. Dr. Bradke’s work is fundamental in nature and broadly recognized for defining a new conceptual framework for axonogenesis during nervous system development. Among countless discoveries, Dr. Bradke’s was the first to show that microtubules play instructive roles during axon formation in a decentralized manner relative to the cell body. This type of fundamental discoveries in the developing nervous system later led Dr. Bradke to perform pioneering work in the field of axonal regeneration in disease states. Seamlessly spanning distant fields of cell biology, developmental neurobiology and regeneration, Frank Bradke has continued to innovate the field by answering some of the most fundamental questions regarding how neurons polarize, connect and build circuits in the mammalian nervous system.

The event will consist of two parts:

-10:30 there will be a talk by Award Winning Professor Frank Bradke, " Mechanisms of Axon Growth and Regeneration"

-11:30 coffee break

-12:00 the XI Remedios Caro Almela Award Ceremony will take place.