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SHARE (Scientifc HARdware and Electronics service)

Equipment at the Electronics and Hardware workshops cannot be booked. For security reasons, usage of the equipment in these rooms can only be done:

  • by experienced users
  • under supervision of the technical staff
  • during the time window from 8 to 15h
  • and after agreement with the technical staff of the facility

Usage of the equipment in the prototypes room is allowed for users after the specific training of the equipment:
  • No bookings are required for the laser cutter.
  • 3D printing works are allowed after specific training. If your printing time is less than 1 h, you can use the machine without booking
  • Works that require long printing time in 3D printer (> 1h), can book the equipment via intranet at: http://in.umh-csic.es/intranet
  • We advise to perform works that require long printing times (>3h) over-night or during the weekend


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