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Imaging Facility Rules
Equipment and rules for the use of image service equipment

General operational considerations of the Imaging Facility:

1. General communication, questions, appointment inquiries, and training requests will be preferably stablished by email to: microscopia@umh.es.

2. The Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for the correct use of the Facility’s equipment by any member of his/her team.

3. Users must read and be aware of the basic instructions for the correct use of each equipment he/she manipulates, as well as for the rules applicable in each case.

4. It is mandatory for new users to receive the corresponding training by the Facility’s personnel before using any equipment. Moreover, during the first session they should be supervised by the Facility’s personnel or an experimented user.

5. All users must request their inclusion in the distribution list in.microscopia@listas.umh.es by sending an email to microscopia@umh.es. Through this list all the communications referring to the Image Facility will be made.

6. Microscopes and workstations will be always booked through the web page: intranet equipment reservation.

7. Cancellation of a booked session the same day that the equipment will be used, is not possible. However, an email may be sent to every user of the Facility (in.microscopia@listas.umh.es), in order to make use of the slot. Canceling bookings prior to one day can be done through the web page.

8. It is forbidden to browse Internet, software installation/deletion or the use of external storage devices in any Facility’s computer.

9. Any user booking a slot is responsible for the equipment during that time.

10. Working area should be kept clean, particularly after finalizing the session.

11. If you have uncertainties regarding the use of any equipment, no matter how simple may seem, ask for help to the personnel without any hesitation.


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