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Remedios Caro Almela Chair
Research Professorship in Neurobiology

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Remedios Caro Almela Prize 2013

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The Remedios Caro Almela Chair of Developmental Neurobiology, was created in the year 2000 as a result of a philanthropic initiative by Fernando Martínez Ramos and his family, to honor the memory of his deceased wife Remedios Caro Almela. She graduated in Philosophy at the University of Murcia, majoring in Art History. The funding that the Martínez-Caro family provides to this Chair seeks to keep alive the memory of their beloved mother and wife Remedios Caro Almela. The Chair was established at the Institute of Neurosciences, with the aim of promoting research of the nervous system in its molecular, cellular and organ levels, both in normal and pathological conditions, with a focus on the study of nervous system development. In 2012 it was changed to the “Remedios Caro Almela Chair in Neurobiology”.

Since its creation and until his retirement in 2012, Professor Constantino Sotelo has been the Chairman, developing an excellent job for more that 10 years.

In 2013, Professor Richard Morris has been appointed as the new Chairman. Professor of Neurosciences of the University of Edinburgh and fellow of the Royal Society, Richard Morris has made countless contributions to the Neurobiology of learning and memory, by applying concepts and techniques that enable the development of new therapies for Alzheimer's disease. Some of his major scientific achievements include the development of the water maze, known as Morris Water Maze, now used world-wide; the discovery of the role of NMDA receptors in learning and memory; the development of the hypothesis of synaptic labeling and capture; discoveries about the neurobiology of previous knowledge (schema), etc.

Since 2006, the Remedios Caro Almela Chair has sponsored an international prize in Developmental Neurobiology as part of the Chair’s activities, and consists of an unrestricted award of 20.000€. This Prize has been so far awarded to Barry Dickson (2006), François Guillemot (2007), Rüdiguer Klein (2008), Steve Wilson (2009), Christine Holt (2011) and Magdalena Götz (2013). The latest Prize Ceremony was held on October 25th, 2013 at the Instituto de Neurociencias. The previous prize winner Dr. Christine Holt, opened the ceremony with the Remedios Caro Almela Lecture.

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Remedios Caro

Remedios Caro

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