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About the institute About the institute Origins
About the institute The “Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante” (IN) was formally founded in February 1990 by the Valencian Regional Government (Generalidad Valenciana), as a University Institute assigned to the University of Alicante. The objectives of that institute were to develop different scientific activities in addition to research, such as a PhD Program, conferences and seminars, and to establish and manage common services and budgets.

The Instituto de Neurociencias was then established as an Associated Unit of the Cajal Institute of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in 1995, and then together with the Medical School, it was transferred in 1996 to the newly created “Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche” (UMH). In 1999, the Institute became the Centre "Instituto de Neurociencias", a Joint enterprise of both the UMH and the CSIC with its own building, budget and research facilities. Both institutions, UMH and CSIC, are responsible of the organization and financial support of the Instituto de Neurociencias.

The Instituto de Neurociencias provides laboratories, equipment and technical personnel for neurobiological research. It is organized into research units intended to be functional and flexible and serve mainly as an organizational framework to facilitate research activities and stimulate interaction and scientific collaboration among the members of the Institute. The Institute and its members maintain active interchange programs with universities, research centers and neurobiology laboratories around the world.

The research groups of the IN employ a wide variety of techniques covering the fields of molecular and cellular biology, genetics and physiology. Among the technical facilities at the INA are fully equipped tissue, cell culture and experimental embryology rooms, optical projection tomography (OPT), confocal and two photon microscopy, and special areas for behavioural experiments.
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