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About the instituteNeuroscience has become one of the most dynamic and challenging areas of biomedical research. The human brain continues to be a great unknown for modern science. There is a growing belief that a scientific understanding of the brain and its functions may be the most revolutionary new inroad for human progress, not only because of the impact such knowledge would have on treating and curing mental illnesses and degenerative nervous system diseases, but also because of the impact that a profound knowledge of the brain would have on fields as diverse as learning, interpersonal relationships and the prolongation of a full physical and intellectual life.

The mission of the IN is to investigate the development, structure and function of the nervous system in normal and pathological conditions. Our general objective is to improve our understanding of the brain. In other words, to understand the functioning of the healthy brain, in order to shed light on dysfunctions leading to disease. This goal is recognized as the main challenge faced by modern biology.

Therefore, our aim is to generate fundamental knowledge regarding the structure, development and physiology of the nervous system. The IN seeks to provide researchers with a nurturing environment to allow pursuing the most important questions in neuroscience because it is imperative to continue research efforts to understand how the brain works at the most basic level if we are to uncover insights that may help us correct problems in the brain.
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