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Thursday, September 19, 2019
Master Research Project Presentations


9:00 Luis Zafra (Salvador Martinez and Diego Pastor)
“Pilot study on the differences between γ-MNs and α-MNs in mice with or without SOD1G93A mutation”

9:30 Roberto Sempere (Emilio Geijo)
“Synaptic responses in pyramidal neurons of the layer 2/3 on the granular retrosplenial cortex”

10:00 Luis Calvo (Cruz Morenilla-Palao)
“The role of Ephb1 receptor on phosphorylation and signaling of β-catenin protein” Luis

10:30 Nikiben Patel (Hugo Cabedo)
“A novel EGR2 missense variant that associates with type 1 Charcot Marie Tooth when combined with LITAF T49M polymorphism”

11:00 Vanesa Salazar (Santiago Canals)
“Recording in vivo cell specific activity signals from parvalbumin interneurons “

11:30 Maria A. Fernández (Eduardo de Puelles and Diego Echevarria)
“Main aferences to the septum and ist implication in the habenular function”


15:00 Santiago Fernández (Victor Borrell)
“Characterization of Direct and Indirect Neurogenesis frequency in mouse neocortex”

15:30 Roberto Morollón (Alex Gomez-Marin)
“Causal analysis of neural networks: a minimal taxonomy based on integrated information Φ”

16:00 Jorge A. Escajadillo (Ángela Nieto and Berta Sánchez-Laorden)
“Cytokines as regulators of breast cancer metastatic phenotype”
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