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Interneuron migration: mode and cell signalling
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Neuronal migration is a critical event in the development of the vertebrate nervous system. In the cerebral cortex, the two basic neuronal types, pyramidal (excitatory) and non-piramidal (inhibitory), originate form different sources and have distinct migratory routes. Projecting pyramidal neurons originate in the ventricular zone and migrate radially to their final position in the cerebral cortex. On the contrary, mostst GABA-ergic interneurons originate in the ganglionic eminences of the basal telencephalon. After leaving the proliferative zone in the MGE, they migrate following tangential pathways in different cortical compartments: the subventricular zone, the intermediate zone and the marginal zone.
Two basic modes of movement have been described in migrating neurons, nucleokinesis and locomotion. We are interested in the study of the mode of migration of interneurones, and the signalling and cellular mechanisms implicated in cell movement. Specifically we are studying the role of calcium signalling and how different cytoskeletal components are rearranged during migration. We use microfluorometric techniques looking at the movement of tangentially migrating cells through the IZ in cortical slice cultures from embryonic (E13-14) mouse and in dissociated cell cultures from the MGE.

Our results suggest that tangentially migrating neurons uses nucleokinesis as a mode of movement, characterized by active phases of discontinuous advances of the nucleus followed by periods of quiescence. Dissociated cells from the ganglionic eminences also showed nucleokinesis associated with an increase of intracellular calcium. Calcium elevation is greatest in the proximal region of the leading process, a zone with a wide distribution of -tubulin.

Representative Publications

Soria JM. , Martinez-Galán JR., Luján R., Valdeolmillos M., Fairén A " Functional N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and GABAA receptors in pioner neurones of the cortical marginal zone. " Eur. J. Neurosci. . 11 , 3351 - 3354 ( 1999 )

Martinez-Galán JR. , López Bendito G., Luján R., Shigemoto R., Fairén A , Valdeolmillos M. " Cajal-Retzius cells in early early postnatal mouse cortex selectively express functional metabotropic glutamate receptors. " Eur. J. Neurosci. . 13 , 1 - 10 ( 2001 )

Soria JM. , Valdeolmillos M. " Receptor-activated calcium signals in tangentially migrating cortical cells. " Cerebral Cortex . 12 , 831 - 839 ( 2002 )

Moya, F. , Valdeolmillos, M. " Polarized increase of calcium and nucleokinesis in tangentially migrating neurons. " Cerebral Cortex . 14(6) , 610 - 618 ( 2004 )

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