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Translational Imaging Biomarkers
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Research Fields
Neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration are hot topics in brain research, and they have become very promising targets for the development of novel disease-modifying treatments in pathological conditions. In order to characterize there aspects of brain tissue in both preclinical and human models, non-invasive tools are needed to measure biomarkers of the inflammatory state and salient microstructural characteristics, such as the level of myelination, axonal diameter and density.

Our research focuses on the development, optimization and application of innovative, non-invasive and translational resonance imaging tools, relevant to both basic and clinical research. The objective is to characterize such biomarkers throughout life, with special attention to healthy aging, as well as identify early biomarkers, which can precede and predict diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's, all taking into account the gender dimension. An additional line of research is dedicated to developing computational approaches based on machine learning so that the developed methodologies can be optimally transferred to the clinic.

Representative Publications

N. Toschi , R. Arrais Gisbert, L. Passamonti, S. Canals, S. De Santis " Multi-shell diffusion imaging reveals gender-specific trajectories of early white matter degeneration in normal aging. " Neurobiology of aging . 86 , 191 - 200 ( 2020 )

De Santis S. , Cosa-Linan, R. Garcia-Hernandez, L. Dmytrenko, L. Vargova, I. Vorisek, S. Stopponi, P. Bach, P. Kirsch, F. Kiefer, R. Ciccocioppo, E. Sykova, D. Moratal, W. H. Sommer, S. Canals. " Chronic alcohol consumption alters extracellular space geometry and transmitter diffusion in the brain. " Science Adv . 6(26) , - eaba0154. ( 2020 )

De Santis S , Bach P, Pérez - Cervera L, Cosa-Linan A, Weil G, Vollstädt - Klein S, Hermann D, Kiefer F, Kirsch P, Ciccocioppo R, Sommer WH, Canals S. " Microstructural White Matter Alterations in Men With Alcohol Use Disorder and Rats With Excessive Alcohol Consumption During Early Abstinence. " JAMA Psychiatry . 76(7) , 749 - 758 ( 2019 )

De Santis S. , T. Granberg, R. Ouellette, C.A. Treaba, E. Herranz, Q. Fan, C. Mainero, N. Toschi " Evidence of early microstructural white matter abnormalities in multiple sclerosis from multi-shell diffusion MRI. " Neuroimage:Clinical . 22 , - 101699 ( 2019 )

De Santis S. , D. K. Jones and A. Roebroeck " Including diffusion time dependence in the extra-axonal space improves in vivo estimates of axonal diameter and density in human white matter. " Neuroimage . 130 , 91 - 103 ( 2016 )
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