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Research Group
Functional Epi-Genomics of Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
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Principal Investigator Ph.D. Investigator Graduate students / Research Assistant
Research Fields
Our laboratory investigates the molecular underpinnings of age-related cognitive decline and neurodegeneration, with a particular interest in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We hypothesize that genetics, epigenetics, and the interaction of both – “neuro-epi-genetics” –, have long-lasting effects on brain function.

To tackle this hypothesis, we use mouse models and human samples, and combine molecular and behavioral neuroscience with state-of-the-art single-cell, next generation sequencing (NGS), bioinformatic tools and epi-genetic editing.

Our ultimate goal is to better understand age-related brain malfunctioning and to identify new biomarkers and targets to further develop current dementia-related therapies.

Representative Publications

Sanchez-Mut JV , Heyn H, Silva BA, Dixsaut L, Garcia-Esparcia P, Vidal E, Sayols S, Glauser L, Monteagudo-Sánchez A, Perez-Tur J, Ferrer I, Monk D, Schneider B, Esteller M, Gräff " PM20D1 quantitative trait locus is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. " Nat Med . 24(5) , 598 - 603 ( 2018 )

Sanchez-Mut JV , Heyn H, Vidal E, Moran S, Sayols S, Delgado-Morales R, Schultz MD, Ansoleaga B Garcia-Esparcia P, Pons-Espinal M, Martinez de Lagran M, Dopazo J, Rabano A, Avila J, Dierssen M, Ira Lott, Ferrer I, Ecker JR, Esteller M " Human DNA methylomes of neurodegenerative diseases show common epigenomic patterns. " Transl Psychiatry . 6 , (e718) - ( 2016 )

Sanchez-Mut JV , Gräff J. " Epigenetic Alterations in Alzheimer's Disease. " Front Behav Neurosci . 9 , 347 - ( 2015 )

Sanchez-Mut JV , Aso E, Heyn H, Matsuda T, Bock C, Ferrer I, Esteller M " Promoter hypermethylation of the phosphatase DUSP22 mediates PKA-dependent TAU phosphorylation and CREB activation in Alzheimer's disease. " Hippocampus . 24(4) , 363 - 8 ( 2014 )

Sanchez-Mut JV , Aso E, Panayotis N, Lott I, Dierssen M, Rabano A, Urdinguio RG, Fernandez AF, Astudillo A, Martin-Subero JI, Balint B, Fraga MF, Gomez A, Gurnot C, Roux JC, Avila J, Hensch TK, Ferrer I, Esteller M " DNA Methylation Map of Mouse Brain Identifies Targets of Epigenetic Disruption in Alzheimer’s Disease. " Brain . 136 , 3018 - 27 ( 2013 )
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