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The Visual Analogy Laboratory
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Principal Investigator
Research Fields
Our laboratory’s research interests are focused mainly on the design principles that govern the structure and function of neural circuits, how these circuits integrate information efficiently and how this information is used to form judgments and make decisions.
We combine an empirical approach with modelling to investigate a broad range of phenomena: from the tradeoff between accuracy and energy consumption in the early sensory pathways to the processes by which reasoning, intuition and affective social factors influence beliefs, judgments and choices.
Our ultimate goal is to find canonical principles by which the brain processes information of any kind and ways to use these principles to guide the development of novel information and communication technologies and a new generation of robots and automatas (self-driving cars, space travel-long distant communication, drones, etc.) capable of making human-like decisions in complex scenarios.

Representative Publications

Hirsch JA. , Wang X., Sommer FT. & Martinez LM. " How inhibitory circuits in thalamus serve vision. " Annual Review Neuroscience . 38 , 309 - 329 ( 2015 )

Martinez LM.* , Molano-Mazón M., Wang X., Sommer FT. & Hirsch JA. " Statistical wiring of thalamic receptive fields optimizes spatial sampling of the retinal image. " Neuron . Cover article. 81 , 943 - 956 ( 2014 ) *Corresponding Author

Villar-Cerviño V. , Molano-Mazón M., Catchpole T., Valdeolmillos M., Henkemeyer M. , Martínez LM., Borrell V. & Marín O. " Cellular tiling in the cerebral cortex through contact repulsion. " Neuron . Cover article. 77 , 457 - 471 ( 2013 )

Martinez LM. , Wang Q.,Reid RC.,Pillai C., Alonso JM.,Sommer FT. and Hirsch JA. News and views article by I-h. Chou. (Matteo Carandini, Faculty of 1000) " Receptive field structure varies with layer in the primary visual cortex. " Nature Neuroscience. . 8 , 372 - 379 ( 2005 )

Hirsch JA. , Martinez LM.,Pillai C., Alonso JM., Wang Q. and Sommer FT " Functionally distinct inhibitory neurons at the first stage of visual cortical processing. " Nature Neuroscience . 6 , 1300 - 1308 ( 2003 )
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