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Development and assembly of bilateral neural circuits
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Research Fields
The proper development and connectivity of an adult brain need the extension and guide of neuronal axons to their targets where they will establish appropriate synapses. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying axon guidance and target recognition during the development of the nervous system. We focus on the binary decision of crossing or not the midline that many different types of axons must take at some point of their trajectory and how later they reach their final targets at both sides of the brain and once there, sensory information from both brain hemispheres is integrated and processed. Many features of mature neural function, including the interpretation of sensory information and the coordination of locomotion, depend on coherent communication between the two halves of the nervous system. Therefore, the correct formation of bilateral circuits is essential for the perfect functioning of the mature brain. To understand the mechanisms underlying the development of bilateral circuits our group applies a multidisciplinary set of approaches ranging from mouse genetics, anatomic studies and gene delivery in vivo and in vitro using the mouse visual system as a model.

Representative Publications

Murillo B , Ruiz-Reig N, Herrera M, Fairén A and Herrera E. " Zic2 Controls the Migration of Specific Neuronal Populations in the Developing Forebrain " The Journal of Neuroscience . 35(32) , 11266 - 11280 ( 2015 )

Escalante E. , Murillo B, Morenilla-Palao C, Klar A and Herrera E. " Zic2-dependent axon midline avoidance controls the formation of major ipsilateral tracts in the CNS. " Neuron . 80 , 1392 - 1406 ( 2013 )

Benjumeda I. , Escalante A, Law C, Morales D, Chauvin G, Muca G, Coca Y, López-Bendito G, Kania A, Martínez-Otero L and Herrera E* " Uncoupling of EphA/ephrinA signaling and spontaneous activity in neural circuit wiring. " Journal of Neuroscience . 33(46) , 18208 - 18218. Cover caption. ( 2013 )

Carreres MI , Escalante A, Murillo B, Chauvin G, Gaspar P, Vegar C and Herrera E. " The transcription factor Foxd1 is required for the specification of the temporal retina in mammals. " The Journal of Neuroscience (Cover caption) . 31(15) , 5673 - 81 ( 2011 )

Garcia-Frigola C. , and Herrera E. " Zic2 regulates the expression of the serotonin transporter to modulate eye-specific refinement at the visual targets. " The EMBO Journal . 29(18) , 3037 - 3038 ( 2010 ) Comment in the same issue: 15;29(18):3037-8 (2010)
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