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Developmental Neurogenetics
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The formation of a functional nervous system relays on the generation of a species-specific pattern of circuits of neural connections. Formation of such a pattern proceedes in two initial steps: generation of neurons at stereotyped positions within the ectoderm, and extension of neuronal projections to establish specific connections. Our lab uses a genetic approach in the study of the mechanisms involved in the control of nervous system development, with a focus on the analysis of neural cell adhesión molecule functions in cell communication during neurogenesis and axon guidance. Our model is the postembryonary development of the peripheral nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster. Our current lines of work include the Fasciclin II and Neuroglian cell signaling functions, as well as those of their human orthologs NCAM and L1-CAM in transgenic individuals, generation of an in vivo model system in Drosophila for the study of pathogenic variants of L1-CAM, and screens to identify other molecules involved in Fasciclin II and Neuroglian signaling mechanisms.

Representative Publications

Donier E , Gomez-Sanchez JA, Grijota-Martinez C, Lakomá J, Baars S, Garcia-Alonso L, Cabedo H. " L1CAM binds ErbB receptors through Ig-like domains coupling cell adhesion and neuregulin signalling " PLoS One . 7(7) , e40674 - ( 2012 )

Nagaraj K. , Kristiansen L., Skrzynski A., Castiella C., Garcia-Alonso L., and Hortsch M. " Pathogenic human L1-CAM mutations reduce the adhesion-dependent activation of EGFR. " Human Mol Genetics . 18 , 3822 - 3831 ( 2009 )

Kristiansen L. , Velasquez E., Romani S., Baars S., Berezin V., Bock E., Hortsch M., and Garcia-Alonso L. " Genetic Analysis of an Overlapping Functional Requirement for L1- and NCAM-type Proteins During Sensory Axon Guidance in Drosophila " Mol Cell Neurosci . 28 , 141 - 152 ( 2005 )

García-Alonso , L., Romani, S., and Jiménez, F. " The EGF and FGF receptors mediate Neuroglian function to control growth cone decisions during sensory axon guidance in Drosophila. " Neuron . 28 , 741 - 752 ( 2000 )

Speicher, S. , García-Alonso, L., Carmena, A., Martín-Bermudo, D., de la Escalera, S., Jiménez, F. " Neurotactin functions in concert with other identified CAMs during growth cone guidance in Drosophila. " Neuron . 20 , 221 - 233 ( 1998 )
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