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People About the institute Carlos Belmonte (Honorary Chair Professor)
Medical Degree, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Medical School, 1966.

Ph.D program:
PhD degree with Honors and Prize to the best Thesis at the Department of Physiology, Medical School, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Director: Prof. Antonio Gallego), 1969.

Posdoctoral Positions:
NIH International Fellow at the Department of Physiology, University of Utah Medical School, Utah (USA). Laboratory of Prof.Carlos Eyzaguirre,1971-1973.

Previous positions:
Professor and Chairman of Physiology at the Medical School in the Universities of Valladolid (1973-1980) and Alicante (1980-1998)

Visiting Professor at the Universities of Harvard and Utah (USA), visiting scientist at the Eye Research Institute, Retina Foundation, Boston (USA) and at the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Sydney Australia.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Alicante (1980-1983) and Dean of its Medical School (1983-1985)

Member of the Academia Europaea. Member of the Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, Spain.

Member of the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, Germany.

Director, Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante (1990 - 2007)

Current Position:
Full Professor of Physiology (Since 1973)

Research Fields:
Sensory transduction and signalling in primary sensory neurons. Trophic interactions between sensory neurons and target organs. Functional roles of the sensory and autonomic innervation of the eye

Representative Publications

Zhang X. , Mak S, Parra A, Denlinger B, Li L, Belmonte C, McNaughton PA. " Direct inhibition of cold-activated ion channel TRPM8 by the Gq G-protein subunit " Nat. Cell Biol. . 14 , 851 - 858 ( 2012 )

Parra A. , Madrid R, Echevarria D, del Olmo S, Morenilla-Palao C, Acosta MC, Gallar J, Dhaka A, Viana F , Belmonte C. " Ocular surface wetness is regulated by TRPM8-dependent cold thermoreceptors of the cornea " Nature Medicine . 16 , 1396 - 1399 ( 2010 )

Viana F , de la Peña E, Belmonte C. " Specificity of cold thermotransduction is determined by differential ionic channel expression. " Nature Neuroscience . 5 , 254 - 260 ( 2002 )

Brock, J. , McLachlan, E.M., Belmonte, C. " Tetrodotoxin-resistant impulses in single nerve terminals signalling pain. " J. Physiol. . 512 , 211 - 217 ( 1998 )

Chen, X. , Gallar, J., Pozo, M.A., Baeza, M., Belmonte, C. " CO2 stimulation of the cornea: a comparison between human sensation and nerve activity in polymodal nociceptive afferents of the cat. " Eur. J. Neurosci. . 7 , 1154 - 1163 ( 1995 )
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