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People About the institute Emilio Geijo Barrientos
MD (1981), University of Valladolid.

Ph.D program:
PhD (1985), University of Alicante.

Posdoctoral Positions:
1986-1989. Department of Physiology and Biophysics; New York University Medical School. New York, USA.

Previous positions:
Assistant Profesor of Physiology. Dpt. Of Physiology, University of Alicante (1989-1997).

Current Position:
Assistant Professor of Physiology.  Departamento de Fisiología, Universidad Miguel Hernández.

Research Fields:
1. The main interest is the study of the physiology of cortical neurons and the mechanisms of local circuits of the cerebral cortex, and in particular of the prefrontal cortex. The main lines of work in my lab are:

· The intrinsic electrophysiological properties and the voltage – dependent ionic currents present in the piramidal neurons of the prefrontal cortex.
· The effects of dopamine on the electrophysiological properties of neurons and on the excitatory and inhibitory inhibition mechanisms in prefrontal cortex. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that play a major role in the control of prefrontal cortex.
· The study of the physiology of the cerebral cortex of Lis1 mutant mice. The mutation of the gene LIS1 produce in man lissencephaly, which is a cerebral disease characterized by the absence of cortical sulci and by a disruption of the cortical architecture and is produced by alterations pf the migration of neurons into the cortex during prenatal development.

2. The physiology of the carotid body type I cells.

Representative Publications

Geijo-Barrientos, E. , Pastore, C. " The effects of dopamine on the subthreshold electrophysiological responses of rat prefrontal cortex neurons. " European Journal of Neuroscience . 7 , 358 - 366 ( 1995 )

De la Peña E , Geijo-Barrientos E. " Laminar localization, morphology, and physiological properties of pyramidal neurons that have the low-threshold calcium current in the guinea-pig medial frontal cortex. " Journal of Neuroscience . 16 nº17 , 5301 - 5311 ( 1996 )

De Castro, F. , Geijo-Barrientos, E., Gallego, R. " Calcium-activated chloride current in normal mouse sympathetic ganglion cells. " Journal of Physiology . 498 , 397 - 408 ( 1997 )

Geijo-Barrientos E. , " Subthreshold inward membrane currents in guinea-pig frontal cortex neurons. " Neuroscience. . 95(4) , 965 - 972 ( 2000 )

de la Peña, E. , Geijo-Barrientos, E. " Participation of low-threshold calcium spikes in excitatory synaptic transmission in guinea pig medial frontal cortex. " Eur J Neurosci. . 12(5) , 1679 - 1686 ( 2000 )
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