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III International Spring Course on Measuring Secretion and Membrane traffic Home

Most physiological processes involve intracellular and cell-to-cell communication for their accomplishment. Therefore, it is not surprising that a great effort has been historically put into the study of secretion and membrane traffic and many drugs of clinical used are been developed thanks to the new knowledge acquired in this field.

A major milestone and recognition for this field of science, has been the awarded Nobel Prize in 2013 to James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Südhof for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells. In this III International Spring Course on “Measuring secretion and membrane traffic, molecules, function and models” we will combine talks given by recognized experts in the field with hands-on experiments on state of the art methods used to study membrane traffic and secretion. Students will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from some of the best experts in the field and always in reduced groups.

We have made a great effort in combining good science and free time with one goal: students and senior scientists will share experiences in the outstanding environment of Alicante in spring. Due to the special conditions of the course the number of students will be limited to 25.

We hope to see you in Alicante soon!

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Confirmed Speakers:

E. Alés (Sevilla. Spain). The mechanism of endocitosis in mast cells.
G. Álvarez de Toledo (Sevilla- Spain). Patch amperometry and other methods.
S. Barg (Upsala. Sweeden). Fluorescence protein markers to study exocytosis.
R. Borges (Tenerife. Spain). Electrochemical methods in measuring secretion.
A. Castellano (Elche, Spain). Dual sine capacitance methods in ciliary and ß-cells.
B. Davletov (Sheffield. UK). SNARE proteins and the mechanism of exocytotic fusion.
A. Ferrer-Montiel (Elche, Spain). Toxins and exocytosis.
A. G. García (Madrid). Calcium channels and exocytosis.
E. Geijo-Barrientos (Alicante. Spain). Analysis miniature postsynaptic currents.
L.M. Gutiérrez (Alicante. Spain). F-actin cytoskeleton in transport and fusion.
M. Lindau (Ithaca, USA). Fusion pore biophysics and methods.
L. Seward (Sheffield. UK). Capacitance methods and exocytosis.
M. Valdeolmillos (Alicante, Spain). Calcium signals in neurons.

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